My next big adventure might be….

It’s official. My first interview is complete. My first round of applications is submitted. My visa papers are being collected. My background check will be submitted soon. Where might I be going?

My next big adventure might be to….



That’s right, I just sent in my 11-page application page to South Korea to be an English teacher, complete with a mock lesson plan and essay as to why I’d make an excellent ESL teacher. 4 hours later…the entire application is complete. I am so excited to share that I am starting this journey. I might not get accepted, who knows, but in case I do get accepted, I want to start documenting this journey right now.

Should I get accepted, I will be working with EPIK, the top ESL program in South Korea. I will be contracted to teach an entire year, August-August, in an elementary, middle school, or high school setting. I would prefer elementary school or high school, but I don’t have a preference in the matter. There are a lot of perks with this program and I have the opportunity to save a lot of money, travel all through Asia, and experience something completely new to me.

Fingers crossed that my initial application is accepted! I’ll update as I go. 🙂

Has anyone taught English abroad? Share your experience.


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