I’m Moving… to the Bay Area!


“We keep moving forward, opening new doors, and doing new things, because we’re curious and curiosity keeps leading us down new paths.” – Walt Disney

I think I do one thing fairly well – and that’s make it known that I love to travel. I love new experiences. I love seeing new things, meeting new people, trying new foods, and experiencing everything life has to offer. I go mildly stir crazy if I’m stuck in the same situation for too long. Adventure is my food and curiosity is my water. I believe my MySpace headline once read “I’m always one the move… catch me if you can.”

Now, I am embarking on one of the biggest adventures of my life. The Bay.

Yes, this desert girl is packing her bags and moving to the Bay Area. The only state my driver’s license has ever seen is Nevada. I have the privilege of working with Ellipses PR in Oakland, CA as a Social Media Manager. I know what you’re asking… why the Bay? What about teaching?

The Bay. I knew I wanted to move somewhere else. I knew Vegas had nothing else to offer me. I’ve seen all the lights. I’ve spent too many summers sweating my life away. I knew it was time for something new, I just didn’t know where that new was.

For the last year, I have spent some time in the Bay. I would go up once or twice a month, and every time, I didn’t want to leave. The weather is unbeatable. The culture is vibrant and exciting. The food…. Let’s not get started. Between my boyfriend and one of my best friend’s living there, I’ve spent more time in the Bay than anywhere else (minus Vegas) over the last year. I caught myself daydreaming about spending a Saturday afternoon at Golden Gate Park or having brunch at a new local restaurant on a Sunday morning. Everything is just a quick BART ride away. I loved every second of it. So at the start of the year, I started searching for a job.

What about teaching? For those that don’t know, I never passed my math Praxis II, aka, the hardest math test on the entire planet. I always thought I was excellent at math until I took that test. So, even though I had my own classroom last year, I was only a long-term substitute. It was the best thing I could have done, because it taught me what it was like to truly be a teacher. Teaching has its perks, and I will never forget some of the ah-ha moments some of my students had, but teaching is not what I want to do with my life; atleast, not right now. Teaching will always be an option, but I’m young enough to explore different passions, and that is exactly what I am doing.

At this moment, it hasn’t quite hit me yet that I am moving. I am more excited about the opportunity to experience something new more than anything. There’s a lot I will miss in Vegas, but it’s hard to say “good-bye” knowing I’m only an hour long flight away.

Now that I am moving, I plan on blogging a lot more. Feel free to follow my adventures here. And hey, if you’re ever in the Bay, you have a couch to crash on. 😉

I will miss you all. ❤

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